Archief 2011 (april)


19 April 2011, 9pm (Jon)

Good evening to all the supporters of Elena. Currently a little more than 160 nautical miles out of Auckland. Sitting on a steady 6+ knots under spinnaker/Parasailor with 15 knots of wind from astern. A very quiet day on board with only the Dutch team staying strong against seasickness. Team Davies fielded just one player today. There has been lots of washing bedding and cleaning up after 'spills'. Kent (5) and Nathan (2) are still happy though. We are expecting all to recover by tomorrow.
The sea birds circle looking for food over a turquoise sea. The children are excited by the size of the waves coming at us from behind, counting the sets of 3 big waves together. An amazing place.
We have been following a course a little too far East than necessary but it has been slightly more comfortable to avoid rolling side to side. The wind has steadily decreased over the day and at 4pm the decision was made by Adam to hoist the parasailor. This now means comfortably following our best course toward Minerva reef - about 5 days away. Sea temperature leaving Auckland was 20.0 degrees, now 20.8.. and counting..
I am loving being onboard with Adam and Leonie, good fun, lots to learn about the boat and being at sea. Dinner last night by the Red team (Leonie and Sharon) was beaten tonight by the Black team (Adam and Jon) who pulled out a superb Indian meal of Lamb Saagwala. Voting was 2 votes to 1 as Sharon was in bed avoiding food.
Well, back out now to check the horizon and look at the full moon in a clear sky….
Loving it.