Archief 2011 (april)


Quick update

For our trip up to Fiji we’ll be posting in English so the Davies family, for the first time can actually understand what is posted. A quick update. Washing machine, although dented, works like a dream. Today, with a little stomach ache, we bought a new fifteen horse Yamaha. It is beautiful and does it job a wee bit quieter than it’s predecessor, so we’re delighted. Mees has had a go on it today, and was happy to discover he still had his dinghy driving skills. The autopilot works, and works well. It was with watery eyes we left our house today. Leonie shed some tears while closing the door. And some more when picking up the boys from school for the last time in NZ. It has been so unbelievably nice to have had all this month here. And it is with mixed feelings we leave. We’re now waiting for a weather window and it looks like it will open up somewhere this weekend. We’re still working very hard to get everything sorted and fitted into small cupboards, bilges, holes and everything we can find that will take some of the stuff we accumulated during the past 7 month. A challenge…