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31 juli 2011, Dolphins and alarms (by Cathy)

Hi all! Adam, Leonie, Mees and Pieter are making a sailor of me yet. My lingo has vastly improved since coming on board, mind you that was not hard seeing as it was zero! Only 7 days in Jayapura fixing the boat, which had been struck by lightening days before meeting me. No one hurt thankfully! Felt like locals in Jayapura! The people are so nice! Pitty their town looks like a tip (vuilnisbelt)! Swim in the waters at your own risk! Nappies and all are floating at will in the harbor, and that's clean compared to the streets! Real eye opener!
We are sailing with our American friends on Sea Level, Jim and Kent. Set sail ASAP on Thursday morning, set anchor in a bay after a good day's sailing. Dolphins swam all around the boat on the first trip! So cool! Apparently Renee never saw any on her trip, definitely skite about that one on my return!
Day two of sailing, up early and off again. There are all these huge logs floating around, we keep hitting with the boat! They are potentially dangerous, so much so that the catermaran we are sailing with can't sail through the night. Apparently our hull is more sturdy, good to know! We stopped overnight next at this island called Anus (I kid you not). We motored to shore in the dinghy called 'Sammie', to meet the locals, all 10 of them. They showed us around their anus, I mean village! Super cool people, super nice island! Went for snorkel, so beautiful! Jim was pointing this turtle out to me and I was so blind I couldn't see it. Maybe I should swim with my glasses on too!
Yesterday we were using this really cool sail called a parasailor, much like a spinnaker! Tonight no wind at all, so we are motoring on the engine! Hopefully no troubles tonight! Felt so bad yesterday night, alarms kept going off on my first overnight watch and I didn't know how to fix and had to keep waking Adam and Leonie, even set off the man overboard which apparently never happens! Only to me! I mean, I was just checking their reactions!