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13 May 2011, S.P.A.R.E. Techniques (Renée)

The last few nights I have been practicing Sleeping Positions Attempting Roll Elimination (SPARE). My favourite so far has been a modified recovery position. The first 24 hours were the most dodgy, but everyone seems to have come right. Even Mees (who lost his breakfast this morning) is back on form.
The wind picked up a bit overnight and we have been sailing since before breakfast. The clocks went back an hour to Vanuatu time, so the morning has been a long one. The boys are very good at inventing games and keeping themselves entertained, including paper planes, origami and ladybugs. The most exciting part of the morning happened when Adam managed to reel in a 6kg Wahoo. This will keep us fed for the next couple of days. While reading the blogs of the crew from NZ to Fiji the pressure was on to make sure the food I prepared was up to a high standard. No rejects so far, so that's a relief.
We managed to pick up a stowaway gecko in Lautoka, but haven't seen it since. Leonie and I were convinced we could hear it, but Adam reckons it's part of the rigging. Makes sense, since it hasn't moved in several hours.
The boys have amazing balance, which I'm slightly envious of. I keep colliding with things like walls, doors and the floor and am covered in bruises like an Apalossa horse is covered in spots.
This has been a wonderful experience thus far, and conditions permitting, we're all looking forward to having lunch in Tanna tomorrow.